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CV Maker & CV Template

What is a CV? 

Curriculum Vitae is a document contains all your details and particulars about personal, academics and job related experience. Through your CV one can easily know your education, qualification and job experience and other training certificates and skills that you got and mentioned them on the CV. 

Why CV is Required?

CV or Resume is required when someone need a job and want to apply for a latest government jobs or Private Jobs, one needs to submit a CV with the job application and other documents. 

what is a resume?

Resume is a similar document just like a CV. There is not a big difference. Some times both words are used as a synonyms for this purpose. 

What is Difference between Resume and CV?

A brief or Short CV contained in one or two pages covering your contact information, Qualification, Job Experience and skills.
while CV includes detailed picture of your academic and Qualification and experience, skills and achievements. 

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What are CV templates?

CV templates are design or a layout in which your CV details are mentioned on a document.

What CV formats are acceptable?

CV or Resume are acceptable in hard copy when you submit your job application through courier. In the present age of digital century, there are many portals which are offering online CV Application. like PPSC has its own online job application form. Similarly FPSC also has its own  job application portfolio. Some job banks like Jobnewz.club offering CV / Resume Template and CV design  and Free CV making online.  

Should I use a Free CV maker?

If you do not know how to make CV in your computer with MS Office word, then you can try free CV templates and simple resume create with free Resume building site. 

CV online Service is Reliable?

Yes, CV maker service are much reliable. but you have to be vigilant before trusting someone without coming into contact and building a trust.

Free CV maker?

Free CV making online or online resume maker are available to make a new CV or formatting your already built CV. You can Create free CV online free but with some restrictions in design and footer or water mark. 

Formatting a CV?

Formatting a CV is very important. This mean how you arrange your data in CV template or how you present your Resume. A good CV design and well arranged data can help in getting you a job much easier and can increase your chance for hiring. So make a beautiful CV for you and your friends. 

Important thing to mention in your CV and Resume

Your CV must contain the following information;

Contact Information

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Cell phone
  • Address
  • Email

Academics and Education Record

  • School education 
  • University Education
  • Any Diploma or Training Certificate

Job Experience or Work History 

  • Current job 
  • Previous job Experience
  • Any other internship Experience

Skills Training Certificate

IT skills like 
  • Typing
  • MS office word
  • Graphic Designing
  • Data Analysis
  • Research analysis
  • Content Creator
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blogger
  • You Tuber
  •  E-commerce Expert 
  • SEO / SEM


  • Book Reading
  • Sports
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Games
  • Tourism 
  • Research
  • Online Trading 


  • Scholarships
  • Sports Award
  • Distinction
  • Speech Competition
  • Writing
  • Art & Drawing 
  • Social Worker
  • Blood Donor
  • Expertise

These are some Necessary Requirements must be in your CV.

Do you want a stylish CV or best CV template that can enhance your chance for a job? just contact us, we are offering free CV making online Service.  Click here.

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